Tie-Dye Frosting / Pistachio Tart / Spiced Coconut Squash Erisseri

Tie-Dye Frosting

That time again! This week’s trio of food-fashion matches hopefully proves a treat for the eyes and [if you’re cooking the recipes] the stomach. Alright, I have chosen the first two images obviously for these wonderful gem-like colours. This technique of piping white frosting and edible food dye (strategically placed in the piping bag) has a wonderful tie-dye rainbow effect, with all colours working in harmony. Similarly, the beautiful dress on the right uses ‘rainbow’ colours, showcasing the full range of a rich colour palette. It doesn’t hold back. No accessories on the outfit, no extra embellishments or wacky fondant creations needed on the cupcake. The colours speak for themselves — bold and striking. In the words of Heidi Klum, both resist looking overly styled or “matchy-matchy.” Get the recipe!

Pistachio tart

This was a bit of a risqué move. I attempted to match the patterned fabric of the skirt with the dish above. For starters, I thought the lovely frilly pastry tart case mimicked the finely pleated bottom of the skirt. Ok, yes, I did cheat a fraction. The tapestry/fabric that the tartlets have been photographed on feature the same blues, maroons and pink tones that the skirt does, adding to the overall ‘matching’ effect of the photos. The elegance of how these two photographs have been styled is wonderful; the graceful sway of the lady’s skirt and jacket in motion, her long neck and head held high with that neat bun up-do (which reminds me of a cherry). Yes, this might possibly be the ideal high-tea morsel, and she looks to be an ideal high-tea hostess. Get the recipe!

Squash Erisseri – Squash simmered in spiced ground coconut

I decided to match these images as I thought the colour and shape of the squash dish was reminiscent of the lady’s top. Such a vibrant yellow, thanks to the squash and turmeric in the soup. This summer shirt has wide-sleeves giving a more rounded appearance. Also, the glossy dried red garnish of chilli floating in the middle of the soup matches the cute red headband atop her head. How cute! Some people can pull off headbands, me not so much. But this girl wears it well. Round tortoise-shell glasses accompany this outfit well, and the tan skirt and bag and the perfect neutral to tame the feature colours. Impressive!  Plus extra cred for working yellow and red without looking like Ronald McDonald. Get the recipe!

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