Restaurant Review: St. Katherine’s

Gourmet Sartorialist doing a restaurant review? Reviews aren’t part of my usual blogging repertoire but I’m looking to expand my horizons. Feedback is appreciated! On the 24th of November, my parents treated me… Continue reading

Culture Vulture: My Methodology

Some of you might be wondering why I outlined my method in my last post. Am I so crazy as to divulge all my blogging secrets lest someone start their own food/fashion blog?… Continue reading

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Howdy folks! I guess the title of this post is pretty self-explanatory, so here’s the link:

Blood Orange Spritzer / Frozen Blackberry Pops / Bubble Tea

Blood Orange Spritzer Hello there, you! Alright, let’s jump straight into it. Mash-up numero uno: I have chosen these photos because of colour. These two bold colours together are an artful example of… Continue reading

My method for the perfect food/fashion mash-up!

In this blog post I intend on showing you how I go about producing my food/fashion mash-ups! My Method: While there are heaps of active bloggers out there who are uploading photos of… Continue reading

Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt / Peach Ricotta Tart / Root Vegetable Cocktail

Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt Hello again from Gourmet Sartorialist! This food-fashion mash-up featuring this frozen blueberry yoghurt treat will surely have you screaming for ice cream…or maybe that’s yodeling for yoghurt? Either way, this… Continue reading

Experiencing the Blogosphere: My Food Blogging Observations

In light of my experiences as a newbie to food blogging, I would like to share a few observations. A bit of a deviation from the usual food/fashion mash-ups, but hopefully I can… Continue reading

Cucumber Cranberry Cocktail / Orange Avocado Salad / Cider-braised Beef

Cucumber Cranberry Cocktail Greetings to those of you who are still following this blog! Alas, a new round of fashion/food mash-ups! So, the first set of images are both very pretty and very… Continue reading

Peach Cookies / Passionfruit Macarons / Honey + Earl Grey Teacake

Peach Cookies Ahoy-hoy! So it’s been a few weeks since my last fashion/food mash-up, and as a treat I have 3 particularly sweet comparisons in store for you. While I think that the… Continue reading

Foodie-Fashionistas of the Blogosphere

So it appears I’m not alone in the blogosphere! Well, such is the vastness of the Internet that I discovered other strange foodie-fashionistas around the world are drawing similar food/fashion comparisons – and blogging them!… Continue reading

Tie-Dye Frosting / Pistachio Tart / Spiced Coconut Squash Erisseri

  Tie-Dye Frosting That time again! This week’s trio of food-fashion matches hopefully proves a treat for the eyes and [if you’re cooking the recipes] the stomach. Alright, I have chosen the first… Continue reading

Frozen Blueberry Lemonade / Creamy Chocolate Frosting / Broken Glass Jello

Frozen Blueberry Lemonade Time for another post! A delicious frozen blueberry lemonade, but why did I choose this match, you ask? Well – in both the drink and the blazer, there’s the effect… Continue reading

Spicy Scallop Tatare / Dark Choc-Orange Pudding / Pimm’s No.1

Spicy Scallop Tatare in Cucumber Cups Why not kick off the blog with a bright green blazer? I’ve chosen this food and fashion match because I especially love the combination of colours and… Continue reading